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Taxom,- 800

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Taxom 800 Price Label System

The system Taxom 800 consists of reusable price labels, which can be changed quickly and enhance the appearance of your shop or your shop window through the high-quality look.
Due to the lettering height of 8mm the system Taxom 800 is very well suited for the retail trade, such as pharmacies, perfumeries, shoe shops, opticians, and so on. With the Taxom 800 Printer the prices can be changed quickly and directly on the spot.
The Taxom 800 system is a system with digital appearance that does not require electricity for price indication and price changes, and operates independently of your merchandise management software system without any additional costs.
Therefore the system Taxom 800 is the ideal system for both, price indication on shelves as well as in shop windows.

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