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Efficient price labelling

sustainable – reusable – elegant – intelligent – effective – promotes sales

Premium price labels

  • can be reused over and over again
  • changing price information is quick and easy
  • a cohesive, elegant look
  • no power needed
  • durable and maintenance-free
  • UV-resistant

Handy price label frames

This comprehensive price labelling system is an elegant alternative for those who want to provide more information in addition to the price. The frames are designed to work together with the printer and the templates. Thanks to a great selection of colours and mounting solutions, they also blend in perfectly with the overall look of your store.

Effortlessly generate more sales

Elegant sales assistant

Competitive prices alone do not guarantee sales. Taxom’s excellent price marking systems can do more than just provide price information – they underline the high quality of your products. On top of that, clearly marked prices have been proven to boost sales. Our price marking systems are a completely effortless way for you to up your sales figures.

Sustainable and durable

Taxom’s price labels and tools are sophisticated and proven. Their only “flaw” is your advantage: instead of being mass-produced and disposable, they have a long life span. More than 10,000 business owners have fitted their stores with Taxom’s sustainable, durable products. A good choice for the environment – and for your bottom line too.

Easy to use

Clever tools for easy configuration

This intelligent handheld tool allows you to easily set and reset the price information on your individual price blocks whenever you want – no power or batteries needed. After setting the correct price, you insert the price block into the tool and press down. A sophisticated mechanical system moves the digits’ individual elements into their new position. That’s all it takes! It’s so quick and simple, you have to see it to believe it.

Just one rotation to reset the price

The Taxom 500 printer may be the smaller counterpart of the Taxom 800 printer, but it is no less ingenious. This dial allows you to configure the price information on the smaller price blocks. The only difference to its big brother is that the individual digits must be set consecutively. Other than that, it is just as quick and easy, and also does not require any consumables. It just takes a moment to set your prices – and you can reset them over and over again as required.

Efficient, elegant and automatically cut to size

  • No toner, no ink cartridges
  • Thermal printing device with a cutting function
  • Usable immediately after printing
  • 2 rolls for 4 frame formats
  • Including templates
  • Optional integration into a merchandise management system
  • No paper wastage, small quantities possible

A well-designed system

Customised brackets, profiles and displays

The flexible, adaptable design of these sophisticated price labels makes a perfect first impression. On closer inspection, the attention to detail throughout the overall concept paints an even more remarkable picture. All of the elements are compatible with a variety of mounting and presentation methods. The price labels can either be affixed directly to the product – for instance, in your shop window – or inserted into profiles or brackets on the shelf. The possibilities are virtually endless.

Blends in with your store design

Shop designs are as individual and varied as the businesses themselves: glass or wooden shelves, boxed or unboxed products, shelf labels on clips or in coloured frames, highlighting a promotion, free-standing, transparent or metallic. Whatever the style of your store, Taxom has a price labelling system to match your corporate design.

Exceptional customer service

In-house production – speedy shipping

Taxom’s patented price marking systems are one of a kind worldwide. On top of that, Taxom uses its own specially designed machines for the production of its products. Because the products are manufactured in Taxom’s own facilities in Austria, you can rest assured that your order will be shipped quickly and that there will always be enough stock on hand when you need more supplies – even decades down the line.

Satisfied and loyal customers

Good things from Taxom Shop

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