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Taxom 500 Price Module red

The Taxom 500 Price Module is a rewriteable price label with 5mm lettering height.

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Depending on your requirements you can choose between Taxom 500 price modules with a 3-digit, 4-digit, 5-digit, 6-digit or 8-digit display.

Taxom 500 price modules have a bar on the underside, which enables the price modules to be set up at an angle, even without accessories.

Dimensions of price modules:
3-digits: Width: 17mm / Height: 6mm / Depth: 7mm
4-digits: Width: 21mm / Height: 6mm / Depth: 7mm
5-digits: Width: 25mm / Height: 6mm / Depth: 7mm
6-digits: Width: 29mm / Height: 6mm / Depth: 7mm
8-digits: Width: 37mm / Height: 6mm / Depth: 7mm

The price modules are available in the colours black, grey, red and blue, as well as with or without stamped €-symbol. Other currency symbols are available upon request.

For the Taxom 500 price modules you will find extensive accessories for various mounting options on shelves or products in this Shop.

When ordering, please note that the Taxom 500 Multi Frame is only available for 4-digit, 6-digit and 8-digit price modules.

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