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Wood Frame mit 800er Taxom Modul
Taxom 800-300
Taxom 800 Wood Frame

Taxom 800 Wood Frame


Wooden frame for Taxom 800 Price Modules

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The Taxom 800 Wood Frame serves for visual upgrading of the price, resp. makes the price easier and better perceptible.
Due to the unique production from wood your prices can be adapted to the furniture of your shop
or, for example, natural products can be perfectly priced.

Dimensions Taxom 800 Wood Frame: Width: 55mm / Height: 17mm
Fixation of the Taxom 800 Wood Frame on the Price Module:
To do this, place the Price Module with the backside down, preferably on a table.
Take the Taxom 800 Wood Frame with the thumb and the index finger of the left and the right hand.
Place the frame first on one side (left or right) on the Price Module.
In the second step put the Taxom 800 Wood Frame over the Price Module.

The delivery is without Taxom 800 Price Module.

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