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Taxom 100.220

Taxom 100 Clip Label Frame 22x27mm (4 colours)

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Pendant bag for hole wall hooks / blister hooks. Label size: 22x27mm

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Price Label Frames suitable for labels with the size 22x27mm, for hanging on a blister hook (the blister hook is not part of the Clip Label Frame).

Dimensions of Clip Label Frame: Width: 26mm / Height: 42mm

For the price marking of blister goods. Suitable for all blister hook models with straight edges, which enable the Clip Label Frame to be clicked.

You will find the Taxom Printer and suitable label paper in the category Taxom 100.

There are 2 possibilities for printing the labels:

• the Taxom Printer 100 with the original Taxom label rolls, which cuts the labels automatically to the correct size,
• or the original Taxom micro-perforated A4-sheets 44x27mm for a commercial printer (labels can be folded to the correct size).

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