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Taxom aluminium desktop profile 1m


Aluminium price rail for fixation on the surface of the shelf. Length: 1m, compatible with Taxom system 100 / 500 / 800

The stylish and high-quality solution for your shelf, which is attached on any flat surface (but with distance from the front edge) by means of an industrial adhesive tape. With the corresponding Clips this aluminium profile is suited for all Taxom systems.

This profile is cut free of charge according to your individual needs.

The price is calculated per 0,1 metre. Maximum length for transport: 1,00 metre.
If lengths over 1 meter are ordered, these will be divided.
Example: Length 131 cm is cut as follows: 1 meter and 31 cm.

Please specify the desired individual lenghts in your order. If you have questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Dimensions of profile: Height: 10mm / Depth: 15mm

The delivery is without Price Modules, Price Label Frames and Clips.

Attaching of theTaxom aluminium profile:
Make sure that the shelf surface is dry and free of dust and grease.
The shelves must be flat (must not sag).
Oiled wooden shelves are unsuitable as supports for aluminum profiles.

To assemble, first remove the protective film from the profile and then press the profile firmly onto the shelf along its entire length. The Taxom aluminum profiles are only designed for mounting on the top of the shelf. They are not suitable for mounting on the front or under the shelf.

For the attaching of the price modules or Price Label Frames on the aluminium profile the following Clips are required in addition – depending on the system:

Taxom system 100:

For Taxom 100 Price Label Frame 22x27mm:

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