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Taxom Profile Step Clip 48mm


This Clip serves for the fixation of the price modules or the Price Label Frames on the Taxom aluminium profile (Art.Nr.100-800). The Profile Step Clip enables you to present the prices in three different positions.
Pos. 1 – price is in a straight position
Pos. 2 – price is slightly inclined upwards
Pos. 3 – price is strongly inclined upwards
Therefore you can – for example – significantly improve the readability of the price in the lower shelf rows by swivelling the price module or the Price Label Frame.

Height of Clip: 15mm / Colour: white

Suitable for the following Taxom systems:
Taxom system 100:
Taxom 100 Price Label Frame 44x27mm
Taxom 100 Price Label Frame 52x37mm
Taxom 100 Price Label Frame 74x52mm (for the perfect hold we recommend alternatively the use of 2 pieces of the Taxom Profile Step Clip 28mm, Art.Nr.100-850)

Taxom system 800:
Taxom 800 price module, possible also with Multi Frame or Info-Frame

Fixation of the price module or the Price Label Frame:
Attach the Profile Step Clip on the aluminium profile.Take the price module in the right hand and put it in the middle of the Clip with the left rear edge.Then slide it into the perfect position with thumb and index finger.

With the Price Label Frames you have the additional possibility – due to the ribs on the backside – to fix them in various positions in the Clip (vertical or horizontal, in the middle, flush with upper or lower edge,…).

Swivelling of the Profile Step Clip:
With the left thumb press in the middle of the Profile Step Clip (on the rounded part, which is attached on the aluminium profile). With the right hand turn the Profile Step Clip together with the price module / Price Label Frame slowly upwards, until it fixes itself. If you desire a steeper angle, repeat this procedure.

If you want to bring back the price module or the Price Label Frame into the initial position (straight position), remove the price module / the Price Label Frame from the Profile Step Clip. Afterwards you firmly press the Clip back into its initial position with both thumbs. Only in this initial position the Profile Step Clip can be pulled off the aluminum profile again (by lifting one end of the Profile Step Clip).

The delivery is without Taxom 800 Price Modules and without Price Label Frames.

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