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Taxom 100-040
Taxom 100-040

Taxom Holder 27mm for wooden shelves 18-25mm


Holder with clamp mounting for shelves from 18 to 25mm. Length: 27mm, compatible with Taxom system 100 / (500)

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Suitable for a shelf thickness between 18 and 25mm. This Holder is only stucked onto the shelf and can simply be removed again (no gluing necessary).
Very well suitable also for convex or concave shelves.
Also suitable for shelves with rounded front edges.
Behind the Price Label Frames or the price modules there is the possibility to insert small cards with additional information.

Height of Holder: 27mm / Colour: transparent

Suitable for the following Taxom systems:

Taxom system 100:
Taxom 100 Price Label Frame 22x27mm

Taxom system 500:
Taxom 500 price module (can be used only in combination with the Multi Frame)

Fixation of the price module or the Price Label Frame:
Take the price module in the right hand and put it in the middle of the Holder with the left rear edge.
Then slide it into the perfect position with thumb and index finger.

With the Price Label Frames you have the additional possibility – due to the ribs on the backside – to fix them in various positions in the Holder (vertical or horizontal, in the middle, flush with upper or lower edge,…).

If perhaps you would like to put several different products on the shelf, we recommend to use a continuous profile (800-487). With this profile you are more flexible.

The delivery is without Taxom 500 Price Module and without Frames.

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