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Taxom 100 Starter Kit 2 incl. 50 shelf labels in the format 22x27mm


Starter Kit consisting of 50 Taxom 100 Price Label Frames 22x27mm (Art.Nr.: 100-203), 25 micro-perforated A4 sheets with a total of 1000 labels (Art.Nr.: 100-180) and 50 Taxom 800 Stainless Shelf Holders (Art.Nr.: 800-420).
This Starter Kit can be expanded as required with all Taxom 100 system parts.

Free trial:
With the Taxom 100 Starter Kit you can convince yourself of the Taxom 100 price labeling system and only pay after 30 days.
If, contrary to expectations, you are not satisfied with the Taxom 100 system, you can return the Kit to us within 30 days.

The Taxom 100 Price Label Frames make it possible to elegantly attach simple labels in the format 22x27mm in connection with Taxom Stainless Shelf Holders to glass shelves with a thickness between 4 and 10mm and to remove them again at any time.

The ribs on the back of the Taxom 100 Label Frame allow it to be attached in various positions on the shelf (portrait or landscape format, in the middle, flush with the top or bottom edge, …) without the label falling out.

In the Taxom 100 Shop you will find different designs and sizes for the individual design of your price labeling.


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