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Taxom 500-803

Taxom 500-800 Double Frame (2 colours)

1,00 1,20 

Double frame for the inclusion of a Taxom 500 price module and a Taxom 800 price module.

The Taxom Double Frame is ideal for double pricing (basic price) or also to indicate special prices or reduced prices (price before / after). The following basic prices can be displayed: with Cents until 999.99 / without Cents until 99999,-

Each Double Frame has a longitudinal slot on the upper side, where additional infomation in form of cards can be placed (preferably with paper with 180 grams), for example offer, special price, -20%, and so on.

The Double Frame is suitable for the inclusion of two price modules:
On the top: Taxom 800 price module
On the bottom: Taxom 500 price module with 6-digits
Please order these items according to your colour or design requirements, as they are not included in the delivery.

The delivery is without Taxom 500 Price Module and without Taxom 800 Price Module.

Dimensions of Double Frame: Width: 54mm / Height: 28mm

Labelling of price modules:
The Taxom 800 price module must be taken out of the Double Frame for labelling.
The Taxom 500 price module can remain in the Double Frame and can be labelled together with it.

Fixation of the Double Frame on the Price Module:
To do this, place the price module with the backside down, preferably on a table.
Take the Double Frame (the small slot for attaching additional information must point upwards) with the thumb and the index finger of the left and the right hand.
Place the frame first on one side (left or right) on the price module.
In the second step put the Double Frame over the price module.
Repeat this process with the Taxom 500 price module.

The Double Frame is compatible with all Taxom 800 attachments.
The attachment usually takes place on the upper Taxom 800 price module.

If you like to place the Double Frame in the shop window or in the shelf area simply near to a product, we recommend the article Taxom Support, Art.Nr.100-050.


Black, Blue, Green, Lime tree green, Red, Turquoise, White, Yellow


1 Kilogramm, 1 Liter, 1 Stueck, 1L / 1kg, STATT, unprinted

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