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Taxom Universal-Clip


Movable Universal-Clip for fixation of Price Label Frames and price modules with a clamp.

In the lower part the Taxom Universal-Clip is provided with a clamp, with which it can be attached on various objects, for example on products, cartons, displays, and so on.
Between the clasp and the U-Holder for the price tags there are two ball joints, which enable an optimal alignment, so that the price can be read well.

Dimensions of Universal-Clip: Height: 66mm / Width: 27mm     Colour: transparent/white

Suitable for the following Taxom systems:

Taxom system 100:
Taxom 100 Price Label Frames

Taxom system 500:
Taxom 500 price modules, only with Multi Frame

Taxom System 800:
Taxom 800 price modules, also with Multi Frame or Double Frame

Fixation on the Price Labe Frame or Price Module:
On the upper end there is an U-Holder, in which all Price Label Frames as well as Taxom 800
Price modules and Taxom 500 price modules (only in combination with Multi Frame) can be inserted.

The delivery is without Taxom 800/500 Price Module and without Frames.

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