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500-660 mit Brille

Taxom 500 Glasses Clip (2 colours)


Clip for attaching a Taxom 500 price module to a temple.
The perfect price labeling for glasses.

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The Taxom 500 Glasses Clip in connection with a Taxom 500 price module is used for elegant price labeling of glasses.
By placing the price tag on the temple there is a discreet price labeling on the one hand, and on the other hand the glasses can be tested by your customer undisturbed.

Fixation of the Glasses Clip on the Price Module:
To do this, place the price module with the backside down, preferably on a table.
Take the Glasses Clip (the small bridge on the backside of the Glasses Clip must point upwards) with the thumb and the index finger of the left and the right hand.
Place the frame first on one side (left or right) on the price module.
In the second step put the Glasses Clip over the price module.

Fixation of the Glasses Clip and Price Module to the temple:
Thread the temple through both loops of the Glasses Clip, so that the price is on the outside.

Suitable for the following Taxom system:
Taxom 500 (only Price Modules with 6 digits)

Dimensions of the Clip: 36 x 13 mm (without loops)

The delivery is without Taxom 500 price module.


Red, White

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