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Taxom 500 Multi Frame 8-digits (7 colours)

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Frame for Taxom 500 price modules (with or without currency symbol) for colour design as well as with additional functions.

The Multi Frame serves for visual upgrading of the price, resp. makes the price easier and better perceptible, and is suitable for price modules with or without currency symbol.
Due to the large range of colours the prices can be adapted to the furniture, or individual product groups can be devided, for example, yellow prices for sun products, green prices for natural products, and so on. Thus the customer can orient himself more easily.
Red frames are often used for special prices.

Dimensions of Multi Frame: Width: 40mm / Height: 13mm

The Taxom 500 Multi Frame offers the following additional functions:

  1. Each Multi Frame has a longitudinal slot on the upper side, where additional infomation in form of cards can be placed (preferably with paper with 180 grams), for example offer, special price, -20%, and so on.
  2. The Multi Frame is designed to be attached with a pin (for example on textiles, leather goods, and so on).
  3. Taxom 500 price modules, equipped with a Multi Frame, can be directly labeled and modified. It is not necessary to remove the Multi Frame.

Fixation of the Multi Frame on the Price Module:
To do this, place the price module with the backside down, preferably on a table.
Take the Multi Frame (the small slot for attaching additional information must point upwards) with the thumb and the index finger of the left and the right hand.
Place the frame first on one side (left or right) on the price module.
In the second step put the Multi Frame over the price module.

The delivery is without Taxom 500 Price Module.


Black, Blue, Chrome, Fellow fluor, Flesh pink, Gold, Green, Lime tree green, Magenta, Metallic, Orange, Red, Red fluor, Turquoise, White, Yellow

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