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800-487 Taxom

Taxom Profile for wooden shelves 18 – 25mm 1m


Price rail with clamp mounting for shelves from 18 to 25mm. Length: 1m, compatible with Taxom system 100 / (500) / 800

This Taxom profile is ideally suited for the fixation of the Taxom systems 100, 500 (only in combination with the Multi Frame) and 800 on wooden shelves with a thickness of 18-25mm.
This profile is not glued, but just stucked onto the shelf.
The price refers to a running meter. Please order cuts with indication of lenghts under „Individual cut of Taxom Profiles“.

Height of profile: 27mm / Colour: transparent

Attaching of the price module or Price Label Frame:
Take the price module in the right hand and put it in the middle of the profile with the left rear edge.
Then slide it into the perfect position with thumb and index finger.

The delivery is without Price Modules and without Price Label Frames.

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