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Taxom 800-650
Taxom 800-650

Taxom 800 Info Cover


Closed label holder for labels with the dimension 52 x 17mm in combination with Taxom 800 price modules.

The Taxom 800 Info Cover offers the possibiliy to combine additional infomation, printed on labels, (article name, article number, descripition, offer, special price, -20%, and so on) with the Taxom 800 price modules.

The enclosed design of the Taxom 800 Info Cover protects both, price module and label, from dust or similar.

Dimensions of Info Cover: Width: 58mm / Height: 38mm / Depth: 18mm     Colour: transparent

There are two ways to create the labels:

  1. With a standard laser or ink printer resp. also handwritten
    You find appropriate labels in this category as follows:
    25 Taxom 100 Price Label Sheets 52 x 17 White, Art.Nr.100-580
    150 Taxom 100 Price Label Sheets 52 x 17 White, Art.Nr.100-590 
  2. With the Taxom Printer 100 (see Shop – system Taxom 100 – Taxom 100 Printer)
    The labels are automatically cut to the correct size. For this the Taxom Label Roll 52mm is required.

Both, the label and the price module, are put into the Info Cover from the front.
Then the transparent cover is also attached from the front.

The Info Cover is compatible with all Taxom 800 fixations.
The attachment takes place or on the backside of the Info Cover or on the Taxom 800 price module.

The Info Cover can be placed in the shop window or in the shelf area simply near to a product, therefore you need additionally the article Taxom Support, Art.Nr.100-050.

The delivery is without Taxom 800 Price Module and without label.

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