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Taxom 800 Starter Kit 2 incl. 60 Price Modules + 60 Stainless Shelf Holder


Starter Kit consisting of 60 Taxom 800 Price Modules (Art.Nr.: 800-200), 60 Stainless Shelf Holders with a width of 28mm for glass shelves (Art.Nr.: 800-421), as well as a Taxom 800 Printer Font Square (Art.Nr.: 800-102) for labeling or changing the price tags.
This Starter Kit can be expanded as required with all Taxom 800 system parts.

Free trial:
With the Taxom 800 Starter Kit you can convince yourself of the Taxom 800 price labeling system and only pay after 30 days.
If, contrary to expectations, you are not satisfied with the Taxom 800 system, you can return the Kit to us within 30 days.

The Taxom 800 Price Modules are rewritable price tags with a digital appearance and a lettering height of 8mm that require neither electrical energy nor consumables for price display and price changes.
With the Taxom 800 Printer, prices from € 0.01 to € 999.99 resp. without a currency symbol up to 8999.99 can be displayed on every Taxom 800 Price Module in a matter of seconds.

The compact dimensions of 48x10x10mm as well as the bar on the underside of the Price Modules allow an inclined installation directly in front of your products on shelves as well as in the shop window.
In the Taxom 800 Shop you will find extensive system parts for the individual design of your price labeling.

Functioning of Price Modules:
The Price Modules are provided with small holes, with white pins inside.
By pressing the Printer those pins, which are not needed, are pushed backwards.
Only those pins, which are necessary for the presentation of the price, remain visible.
A shadow is created by the dark body of the Price Module.
This shadow covers the unneeded white pins, which are located in the rear area of the Price Module (effect of light and shadow).

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