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100-070 Taxom
100-070 Taxom

Taxom Shelf Strip Clip


Clip for fixation of Taxom Price Label Frames or Taxom Price modules on Scanner-slats.

The Taxom Shelf Strip Clip serves for the fixation of Taxom Price Label Frames or Taxom price modules on Scanner-slats, in order – for example – to indicate special prices in a flexible and attractive way.

Dimensions of Clip: Width: 27mm / Height: 28mm     Colour: white

Suitable for the following Taxom systems:

Taxom system 100:
Taxom 100 Price Label Frames

Taxom system 500:
Taxom 500 price modules, only with Multi Frame

Taxom system 800:
Taxom 800 price modules, also with Multi Frame or Double Frame

The Taxom Shelf Strip Clip is inserted from above into the Scanner-slat.
Then all Price Label Frames as well as Taxom 800 price modules and Taxom 500 price modules (only in combination with Multi Frame) can be inserted into the U-Holder.

The delivery is without Taxom 800/500 Price Module and without Frames.

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