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100-180 Taxom

Taxom 100 Price Label Sheets 44x27mm White

14,90 59,00 

micro-perforated A4-sheets with label format 44x27mm

Taxom 100 Price Label Sheets in A4 format, suitable for printing with standard commercial ink and laser printers.

Paper weight: 120g/m²
Size of labels: 44x27mm
Distance labels – sheet edge at the top and at the bottom: 13,5mm
Distance labels – sheet edge on the left and on the right side: 17,0mm
Number of labels per A4-sheet: 40 pieces

Suitable for the following systems:

Taxom 100:
Price Label Frame 22 x 27 mm (please fold labels in the middle)
Price Label Frame 44 x 27 mm

Under the menu-item „Download“ and „Wordvorlagen“ you will find the corresponding template with scheme for the creation of labels.


150, 25

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