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800-440 Taxom

Taxom 800 Module Base (2 colours)


Holding fixture forTaxom 800 price modules for sophisticated shop windows or shelves.

The Taxom 800 Module Base is a holding fixture that gives the Taxom 800 price module exceptional stability and an appealing look.

Dimensions of Module Base: Width: 55mm / Height: 16mm

The price module is installed by pushing it into the Module Base from the backside.

As the backside of the Module Base is oblique, you have the effect that the price is pointing upwards,
which makes it easier for the customer to read in the shop window or on lower shelves.
If you like to use the Module Base in the upper shelf area, turn it this way that the wide leg of the long side is at the bottom. Because of that the price is pointing forwards.

The delivery is without Taxom 800 Price Module.


Chrome, Transparent, White

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