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800-431 Taxom
Taxom 800-430
800-430 Taxom

Taxom 800 Stainless Shelf Holder 4-10mm 15° inclinated

1,50 1,70 

Stainless steel holder for 15° inclinated detachable fastening on glass shelves (thickness: 4-10mm), compatible with Taxom System 100 / 800.

Height of Stainless Shelf Holder: 12mm

Fixation of the price module or the Price Label Frame:
Take the Stainless Shelf Holder in the left hand and press it together with thumb and index finger.
The opening (U) must point to the right hand (to the Price Label Frame or to the price module).
Now put the price module or the Price Label Frame into the opening (U). If you now release with the thumb and the index finger, the Price Label Frame or the price module is fixed in the Stainless Shelf Holder.

Fixation of the Holder on the glass shelf:
Now put the Stainless Shelf Holder (with the already fixed price module or Price Label Frame) in a 90° angle from above onto the glass shelf edge and then turn it downwards and push it backwards until it locks on the glass shelf. Now the clasp of the Holder should be on the bottom of the shelf, so that you are able to place your products on the upper side also directly on the Holder.

The delivery is without Taxom 800 Price Modules and without Frames.


16mm angular 15°, 16mm straight, 28mm angular 15°, 28mm straight

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