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800-401 Taxom

Taxom 800 Info Display


Holding fixture for attaching of additional information or presentation of small products.


The Taxom 800 Info Display serves for the fixation of product descriptions, offers, special prices, and so on, but also for the presentation of smaller products in combination with a Taxom 800 price module.

Dimensions of Info Display: Width: 49mm / Height: 70mm     Colour: transparent

Fixation of the Taxom 800 price module:
The Info Display is equipped with a U-Profile in the lower part, into which the Taxom 800 price module can be inserted from the right side to the left.

Fixation of cards:
Behind the U-Profil cards in various sizes and paper thicknesses can be fixed, by inserting them from above.

The delivery is without Taxom 800 Price Module and without card.

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