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Taxom 100 Price Label Frame 44x27mm (8 colours)

1,68 1,98 

Label holder for labels with the dimensions 44 x 27mm

Price Label Frame suitable for labels with the size 44x27mm.

Dimensions of Price Label Frame: Width: 49mm / Height: 32mm

The ribs on the backside allow the fixation on the shelf in various positions (vertical or horizontal, in the middle, flush with upper or lower edge,…), without falling out of the label.

Select the suitable fastening solution from our Shop.
In the category Taxom 100 you will find the compatible system elements.

In this category you will also find the Taxom Printer and suitable label paper.
There are 2 possibilities for printing the labels:
• the Taxom Printer 100 with the original Taxom label rolls, which cuts the labels automatically to the correct size,
• or the original Taxom micro-perforated A4-sheets for a commercial printer.

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