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800-402 Taxom

Taxom 800 Pin Holder


Holder for fixation of Taxom 800 price modules with a pin, for example on textiles.

With the Taxom 800 Pin Holder the Taxom 800 price modules can be fixed preferably on textiles or on leather.

Dimensions of Pin Holder: Width: 51mm / Height: 19mm     Colour: black

Fixation of the Taxom 800 price module:
The price module is pushed from the front on the Pin Holder. For this appropriate recesses exist on both sides of the price module.

Fixation of the Taxom 800 Pin Holder on the product:
In the small tab at the upper end of the Pin Holder there is a hole, through which a standard pin can be guided, with which the Pin Holder together with the module can be fixed on leather goods, textiles, and so on.
In addition the price module in the Pin Holder can be turned upwards or downwards, so that the price can always be positioned in such a way that it is clearly visible to the customer.

The delivery is without Taxom 800 Price Module and without pin.

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