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Taxom 800 Price Board (2 colours)


Price board for displaying several prices or creating a price list.

The Taxom 800 Price Board is used to display several prices or to create a price list.
It consists of a basic element as well as five extension elements and five associated price modules.
By lining up the elements a maximum of five prices can be displayed.
With two Price Boards you can then display up to ten prices, etc.

The desired text can be easily created, there are two options:
-With a labeling device with 12mm wide band (length: 93mm)
-With you own computer

Please use our Download:
Installation sequence:
Paper strip, followed by the price module – see drawing.
The Price Board can either be hung up or can be set up in two different angles of inclination with the optional available Price Board Holder.

Dimensions of Price Board:
Width: 143mm / Height: 89mm / Total height including Price Board Holder: 96mm


Grey, Transparent

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