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Taxom 800 Price Module (4 colours)


The Taxom 800 Price Module is a rewriteable price label with 8mm lettering height.

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The Taxom 800 Price Module is a rewriteable price label with digital image and a lettering height of 8mm, which does not require any electrical energy for the price display and change.

The displayable price range on the Taxom 800 price modules ranges from € 0,01 to € 999,99 resp. without currency symbol to 8999,99.

With the Taxom 800 Printer € and $ currency symbols can be displayed on the price modules.
Printers for other currency symbols are available upon request.

For the Taxom 800 price modules you will find extensive accessories for various mounting options on shelves or products in this Shop.

Taxom 800 price modules have a bar on the underside, which enables the price modules to be set up at an angle, even without accessories.

Dimensions of  Price Module: Width: 48mm / Height: 10mm / Depth: 10mm

Functioning of price modules:
The price modules are provided with small holes, with white pins inside.
By pressing the Printer those pins, which are not needed, are pushed backwards.
Only those pins, which are necessary for the presentation of the price, remain visible.
A shadow is created by the dark body of the price module.
This shadow covers the unneeded white pins, which are located in the rear area of the price module
(effect of light and shadow).

Tips for excellent readability:
Take care that you never push the white pins, which protrude slightly from the price module, into the body. This would lead to a worse readability.
Keep in mind that prices are very often viewed from the side, because most of the times you go past a shelf or a shop window from the side.
Due to the fact that the pins protrude slightly from the price module, a kind of three-dimensional typeface is created and the price can also be read very well when viewed from the side.


Grey, Black, Blue, Red

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